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Lisa Preston [userpic]


December 3rd, 2008 (05:10 pm)

This is Lisa Preston. Leave a message with a telephone number where you can be reached and the reason for your call. I will return your call as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Lisa Preston [userpic]

Moving in.

July 16th, 2008 (12:55 am)
current location: New York

The last of the boxes had been delivered to the new apartment and the moving company had left a good sized bill behind for their efforts. Lisa sighed as she glanced over the invoice. The debate over whether or not to submit it as company expenses was undecided in her mind. On the one hand, she had moved for the benefit of the company. On the other hand... did she really want her mother to know how much stuff they had purchased?

Lisa was still weighing the options when a thump, a yelp, and then a string of French curses floated across the mostly empty space from her sister's room. She raised a single eyebrow at the colorful language and set the bill down on the kitchen bar. It could be dealt with later.

Her bare feet padded across the hardwood floors to the open bedroom door. "Problems?"

Lisa Preston [userpic]

Application Post

July 15th, 2008 (04:32 pm)

Player: Mal
Email: karmaschild [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: KarmasChild

Character Name: Lisa Preston
Character LJ (if applicable): lisapreston
Physical description: 5'8", brown hair (sometimes blond), green eyes. Tall, thin, but athletic.
Age: 28
PB: Kiera Knightly

Abilities: Mixed martial artist. Extremely proficient with anything that fires bullets. A fair swordswoman and very good with knives. Expert horse rider. Intelligent and business savvy. Fluent in Italian, French, Japanese, Symkarian, and Hungarian. Learning German and Arabic.
Weaknesses and flaws: Still young and ambitious. She wants more than anything to prove herself to her step-mother. No one and nothing will get in the way of her successfully bringing Silver Sable International to more prominent notice the United States. Sometimes takes too many risks.
Character location/Home: Symkarian embassy, New York
Alignment: hero / mercenary
Relatives: Silver Sable (step-mother, living), John Preston (father, living), Veronika Sable-Preston (half sister, living), Robbie Preston (brother, living), Longshot (adopted brother, living), Alison Blaire (adopted sister, living), Aiden Blaire (adopted nephew, living), Hana Blaire (adopted niece, living), Anna Sablinovia (cousin, living), Ernst Sablinovia (grandfather, deceased), Anastasia Sablinovia (grandmother, deceased), Mortimer (maternal great uncle, living), Fritz Sablinovia (paternal great uncle, deceased).

Backstory: When Lisa's father married Silver Sable, Lisa was eleven years old. Lacking female role-models for most of her life, Lisa immediately latched onto the new, strong woman in her father's life and became obsessed with earning Silver's respect. John Preston was a master martial artist and marksman, so Lisa already had a good, solid base of skills to build from when she started learning from her new step-mother.

Family life in the Sable-Preston household was mostly harmonious, although Lisa often found herself at odds with her older cousin, Anna. Silver's niece had spent years trying to draw her Aunt's attention. She resented the ease with which Lisa won it instead. It caused more than a few issues for the kids at family events. Even as an adult, Lisa would have little contact with Anna and neither of them seem unhappy with the arrangement.

Conversely, Lisa and her younger sister Veronika got along well. There was the odd occasion of sibling-rivalry turned dust-up as they were growing up, but for the most part Lisa is protective and proud of her sister. Although they rarely see eye-to-eye on day to day things, they manage to come together when necessary.

As a teenager and then young adult, childish dreams of Olympics and rock stars faded and she began working to make a place for herself in her step-mother's company. At first, both her parents were reluctant to allow her to focus her life on a mercenary future, but persistence eventually won them over and she was allowed to accompany them on less dangerous missions they undertook with their Wild Pack. So long as she remained diligent in her school work, of course.

When she began to show true skill and leadership capabilities, she was given the chance to lead a few short missions on her own. The resultant success rate gave her the opening she needed to convince Silver to give her a permanent place in the company. It also earned her the affectionate title of "Little Captain" from her father's Wild Pack.

Sample post: Here!

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